Argentina's official entry to the Oscars, Valentin, climbed to the second spot this weekend. Alejandro Agresti's bitter sweet comedy about a young boy and his search for a family opened fifth on 19 prints a month ago. BVI has increased its print count to 34 since the announcement.

Meanwhile, Columbia TriStar's Bad Boys II opened on top with 51 prints. Once Upon A Time In Mexico slipped to fourth after opening in pole position last weekend. Fox's The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen is holding up well, now ranking third after four weeks while Bruce Almighty fell to fifth place after eight weeks.

Upcoming titles include Juan Carlos Desanzo's El Polaquito (Arg) which has screened in some festivals, teen horror film Freddy Vs Jason, Gary Grays' hit remake The Italian Job, Al Pacino and Kim Bassinger crime drama People I Know and Italian drama Reconciliati by Rosalia Polizzi.