Juan Taratuto's romantic comedy It's NotYou, It's Me is breaking records for an Argentinean film in Spain.

The film's Spanish distributor andinternational sales handler, Notro Films, says it is the first Argentinean filmto remain in the top 10 in Spain seven weeks after premiere. After a14-week run in the top 20 in Argentina, the tale (No Sos Vos, Soy Yo) ofa man getting over a failed romance has earned more than Euros 2m so far inSpain.

Ticket sales rose by 8% last weekend, makingit the only film in Spain's current top 20 to go up in week-on-week receipts.Notro premiered the title on 74 screens on May 27. It is now playing on 91screens.

The results are impressive considering thecurrent competition: UIP's War Of The Worlds is playing on 465 screensin Spain; Warner's Batman Begins and UIP's Madagascar are bothout on more than 370 prints; and another five films are playing on more than200 screens each.

'It's Not You, It's Me is easy to market becauseit's a comedy with universal humor, a mix of Bridget Jones and WoodyAllen,' says Notro co-founder Adolfo Blanco. 'The key to itssuccess has been, first the teaser trailers - we did a lot of them and placedthem well and they worked to attract audiences, and second the film itselfbecause it inspires excellent word-of-mouth.'

But Notro has itswork cut out for it to meet the same results as the top-grossing Argentineanfilm ever in Spain, Alta Films' 2001 release The Son Of The Bride (El Hijo De LaNovia).

It'sNot You, It's Me is so farkeeping apace of TheSon Of The Bride's earlyearnings, but Alta kept the latter film up on screens in Spain for a stunningten months, coaxing it to a total gross of more than Euros 7.2m.

Both films are alsoSpanish co-productions. It'sNot You, It's Me wasproduced by Argentina's Rizoma Films and Spain's Filmanova Invest. Primer PlanoFilm Group released it on October 28, 2004 in Argentina.