London-based AriaFilms has been appointed the UK intermediary for Cinecitta Studios in Rome.

Carlo Dusilaunched Aria in 2002 as an international co-financing and productionspecialist. The company's work with Cinecitta will aim to grow high-levelproductions with emphasis on the studio's post-production facilities.

The legendaryCinecitta, known for productions from Fellini's classics to recent filmsincluding Gangs OfNew York and Ocean's Twelve, nowis equipped with the latest technology for digital grading and finishing, soundrecording and mixing, laboratory processing, and film restoration, in additionto 30 soundstages and backlots.

"Cinecitta canclearly compete on an international playing field in terms of theirpost-production facilities, pricing and expertise, but what many producers arestill unaware of is the flexibility behind the studios in terms of overallpricing," says Dusi, who started working with the company Oct 1.