Authoritieshave arrested 11 pirate DVD sellers working in Leyton Mills Retail Parkin northeast London.

Theshopping area had had an ongoing problem with pirate DVD sellers and members of the public had complained to the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT). The operation was jointly organised by FACT, the Metropolitan Police, Waltham Forest Trading Standards and theImmigration Service.

Thefive men and two women arrested were all Chinese nationals. They were chargedwith offences under the Copyright Designs and Patents Act as well as the chargeof 'Going Equipped To Cheat'. Waltham Forest Councilalso issued injunctions in County Court barring them from returning to LeytonMills.

Morethan 850 pirate DVDs were seized, including films such as Superman Returns, The Devil Wears Prada and Cars.

'LeytonMills has been one of the most serious problem locations for pirate DVD selling which was taking place in broad daylight in a busy retail park,"said Raymond Leinster, FACT director general. "Working together with Leyton Police and WalthamForest Trading Standards we have been able to show the public once again thatwe are prepared to act in response to their complaints and those of localretailers. This follows recent successes where we have been able to close downpirate DVD factories making millions of pounds for organisedcriminal networks.'