Arte Cinema, thefilm division of the Strasburg-based Franco-German television channel Arte, isto co-produce five new films, starring among others Emmanuelle Devos, LambertWilson, Ludivine Sagnier, and Charlotte Gainsbourg.

The movies weredecided upon by a selection committee on July 6, and are some of theapproximately 20 films chosen annually for funding by the company.

C'est Pas ToutÀ Fait la Vie Don't J'ai Rêve will be directed by Michel Piccoli with additional production by Geminifilms, and will be shot in France and stars Roger Jendly, Michelle Gleizer,Elisabeth Margoni and Monique Eberlet. The film is about a man who tries tostart a new life, but finds his two existences to be remarkably similar.

Gentille, by Sophie Fillière of Pierre Grise Productions,with Emmanuelle Devos, Lambert Wilson and Bruno Todeschini, will be filmed atthe end of September in Paris. Devos plays an anesthesiologist who is quitesure of herself at work, but is otherwise lost in the real world.

A Cause De LaNuit will be directed byXavier Giannoli, and will shoot in July and August in Belgium and Paris withLudivine Sagnier, Nicolas Duvauchelle and Bruno Todeschini. A man who leads aquiet life in a rather impassionate relationship finds himself asked to spy onthe husband of a woman he met on the street late at night.

C'est GravidaQui Vous Appelle bywriter-director Alain Robbe-Grillet will start filming in October in Marrakesh,with casting yet to be completely decided. The director follows in Freud'sfootsteps, providing another interpretation of Wilhelm Jensen's Gravida: AFancy, about an archaeologist who falls in love with the ghost of a girl hepresumes died dramatically in the volcanic eruption in Pompeii.

The GoldenDoor, directed by Italiandirector Emanuele Crialese (Respiro), will star Charlotte Gainsbourg andVincenzo Amato and will shoot in Sicily, Naples and Romania starting inOctober. It follows the sea voyage of Italian immigrants to New York's EllisIsland in 1900.