New York and LA-based Arthouse Films has struck a first-look and output deal with Fortissimo Films, which will represent projects from Arthouse Films, Curiously Bright Entertainment and LM Media.

The deal resembles a model Fortissimo has with director Jim Jarmusch. Initial titles include documentaries A Walk Into The Sea: Danny Williams & The Warhol Factory, The Cool School: The Story Of The Ferus Art Gallery and Jean-Michel Basquiat's documentary from Tamra Davis.

Arthouse Films has recently signed similar output deals with Madman Entertainment for Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, Mongrel Media for Canada, Revolver Entertainment in the UK and Ireland, Arts Alliance America for DVD distribution in the US and Apple iTunes Store for US digital downloads.

Fortissimo will handle all remaining foreign territories and will have a first look on new productions and acquisitions that are in the pipeline.

The deal was negotiated by David Koh, Lilly Bright and Stanley Buchthal on behalf of Arthouse Films, LM Media and Curiously Bright Entertainment and Fortissimo co-chairs Michael J. Werner and Wouter Barendrecht, SVP Winnie Lau and attorney Howard Frumes.