Arts Alliance Media hassigned a three-year deal with Icon Film Distribution for UK downloads-to-rent.

The video-on-demand dealwill make the Icon films available through LoveFilmand AOL UK, which is powered by LoveFilm.

AAM will have rights to select new and catalogue titles fromIcon, including Match Point, Rock School, Dogville, The Notorious BettiePage and the forthcoming Starter For Ten. AAM will digitise, encrypt and securely deliver the films to Lovefilm and AOL customers.

"VOD opens up a brave new world in independent film distribution and we'revery pleased to conclude this deal with Arts Alliance Media which will seeIcon films available for VoD download on the LOVEFiLM website, which has veryquickly established as a key player in the market," said AlexHamilton, president of Icon Film Distribution.

AAM also has content deals with other distributorsincluding Warner Bros, Sony, Universal, Momentum and Tartan.