Digitalcinema services company Arts Alliance Media (AAM) has upgraded all 50 QuVIS servers installedduring Phase 1 of the UK Film Council's Digital Screen Network to be JPEG2000compatible.

Thisbrings the network in line with the new standards being adopted by the DigitalCinema Initiative, a consortium of Hollywood studios.

Disney'sThe Wild has become the first featureto play on the DSN in the JPEG2000 compression format, using the MXF packagingand security keys also recommended by the DCI.

FionaDeans, AAM's directorof digital cinema said: "This milestone cements our commitment to DCI compatibility and our dedication to support the content owners andultimately to achieve the highest quality and most secure digital cinemapresentation."

Sofar, 44 features have been shown on the UK Film Council's DSN, which is now inPhase 2 of its rollout to reach a total of 240 screens. All Phase 2 installationswill be JPEG2000 compatible.