Hong Kong exhibitor Orange Sky Golden Harvest (OSGH) has teamed with local partners to screen live 3D broadcasts of World Cup matches in its cinemas starting on June 18.

Local distributor Panorama Entertainment secured the rights to broadcast 25 World Cup matches in 3D in April this year, and has since brought on board OSGH and the Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company to facilitate the screening of the games.

The games will be broadcast via Cyberport’s digital cinema platform DCX which launched earlier this year and links several Hong Kong cinemas via a high-speed network.

“We are grateful to have FIFA’s continuous support and positive response to our effort, and to have many parties, especially Golden Harvest and Cyberport, giving us tremendous effort in setting this special event together,” said Panorama CEO Allan Fung.

“In our last tests, we found the images crisp, clear and vivid. As an audience, it seemed that I was sitting at the stadium in person. We are all thrilled that we can bring such an astonishing experience of this great sport event to the Hong Kong audience.”

The screenings, which also have the support of the Hong Kong Film Development Council, will be held at OSGH’s Grand Ocean Theatre in the Kowloon district of Hong Kong. The matches will be captured using Sony cameras, uplinked to satellite and downlinked by Cyberport, before being transmitted via fibre optic cables to Grand Ocean Theatre.