IMAX Corp has signed a deal with leading Thai exhibitor Major Cineplex to install five IMAX digital theatres in Thailand, starting with two in Bangkok.

Under the terms of the agreement, Major Cineplex will open the two IMAX systems in Bangkok by October, 2010.

“There has been tremendous interest in the IMAX experience from moviegoers in Thailand and we are focused on meeting that demand with these five theatre systems,” said Major Cineplex chairman Vicha Poolvaraluck. “IMAX’s digital theatre system is ideal for our market as we have several premium locations and our first IMAX theatre has enjoyed tremendous success.”

“This signing continues the very strong trend of adding more IMAX theatres in Asia this year,” added IMAX CEO Richard L. Gelfond. “So far this year we have already signed 40 new IMAX locations in Asia, and we’re pleased that Major Cineplex, one of our first exhibition partners in the region and the dominant exhibitor in Thailand, is helping drive our growth by substantially increasing their IMAX commitment.”

Major Cineplex is Thailand’s largest exhibitor with 363 screens at 49 locations. The company also operates bowling alleys, karaoke halls, ice-skating rinks and retail space rental, and has a deal with India’s PVR Pictures to develop entertainment bowling centres in India.

The company’s central Bangkok multiplexes, including the Siam Paragon, survived intact from the arson attacks during anti-government protests in Bangkok last month..

Major Cineplex is also involved in movie production and theatrical and DVD distribution through its subsidiary M Pictures Entertainment.

As of March 31, 2010, there were 438 IMAX theatres, including 316 commercial and 122 institutional, operating in 47 countries.