Hong Kong-based Panorama Entertainment Group has secured a deal to bring live 3D broadcasts of the 2010 FIFA World Cup to cinemas and select venues across Asia.

The landmark deal with Swiss sports rights holder Aruna Media AG covers a selection of 25 live games in 3D.

This year’s World Cup in South Africa will become the first major sporting event ever to be broadcast live in 3D. Sony HDC cameras will capture live footage of the event which will then be transmitted to cinemas and other venues around the globe.

“We are very excited to be working with Aruna Media AG and FIFA to bring the 3D World Cup live experience to football fans around the region,” said Panorama CEO Allan Fung.

“The 3D broadcast will give viewers the virtual experience of being in the stadiums of South Africa. As a football fan myself, I am genuinely thrilled that Panorama Entertainment Group will play a major role in delivering this unprecedented and powerful experience to millions of football fans across Asia.”

Football is a hugely popular spectator sport in East Asia and distributors and exhibitors in territories such as Hong Kong, China and much of South-East Asia often experience a decline in box office revenues during major events such as the World Cup.