Asian Side Of The Doc (March 19-22), which takes place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the first time this year, has unveiled the projects that have been selected for this year’s edition.

Around 24 projects frm 15 Asian and Western countries have been selected for the event which is being organised by France’s Sunny Side Of The Doc, the National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS) and Singapore’s Bang Singapore.

In addition, three Malaysian projects will be selected via a National Malaysia Pitching Forum Day to be held just prior to Asian Side Of The Doc on March 18.

The pitching day will involve the ten Malaysian producers who have recently been trained by the Crossing Borders programme to pitch documentary projects to international commissioning editors. Selected producers will go on to pitch their projects at Asian Side Of The Doc.

Other participating Asian filmmakers at the four-day event include China’s Zhao Qi, whose Fallen City screened at Sundance this year; Japanese filmmaker Yasuhiro Koyama, whose credits include NHK/Discovery co-production The Giant Squid; and China’s Zhou Bing (The Forbidden City).

Sales agents and distributors to attend the event include the UK’s Dogwoof, Austria’s Autlook Films and China’s Beijing New Century Media. Broadcasters set to attend include Discovery Channel, Al-Jazeera (Qatar), Arte (France), CCTV (China), AETN 18 Networks (India) and KBS (Korea).

In addition to the pitching sessions, the event will also feature screenings, networking events and panel sessions on international co-productions, trans-Asian and Asian-Western co-productions.


Moderators: Karolina Lidin & Vikram Channa

  • 8 Days - KBS (South Korea)
  • Churchill, A Giant In The Century - Roche Productions (France)
  • White Line, Black Line - MNB Mongolia National Broadcaster (Mongolia)
  • Malaysian Project 1
  • Return To The Tea Road - ICTV Solférino (France)
  • Discovery of Hidden Ukiyo-e Art - Express Co (Japan)
  • The Last Little Train In China - LIC China (China)


Moderators: Rudy Buttignol & Zhao Qi

  • Malaysian Project 2
  • Looking For Picasso - Terranoa (France)
  • Hippos vs Cheetahs - Temjin TV Production Co (Japan)
  • No Word For Worry - Ten Thousand Images, Dept Of Hallum & Jensen As (Norway)
  • Tyke: Elephant Outlaw - Jumping Dog Productions (Australia)
  • Cities Of Sleep - Kibbootz Collective (India)


Moderators: Krishan Arora & Tony Chow

  • A Step Forward - Documentary Japan (Japan)
  • Love Is Not A Crime - Babel Press (UK)
  • Malaysian Project 3
  • Wild Parks Of Asia - Autentic/Spiegel (Germany)
  • The Memory Collector - In-Docs (Indonesia)
  • Putin Is Back - Les Films Grain de Sable (France)
  • With Or Without You - Hiharbor (South Korea)


Moderators: Rudy Buttignol & Kenny Kihyung Bae

  • Please Remember Me - Shape Pictures (China)
  • The Forecaster - Filmperspektive (Germany)
  • Like Ants For Sugar - Pickle Jar (India)
  • Voyage Of The Continents: Season 2 - La companie des Taxi-Brousse (France)
  • Long Walk For Land - Ditsi Carolino Films (Philippines)
  • Farmer Niels And The Universe - Danish Documentary Production (Denmark)
  • Big Stories, Small Towns: Asia Pacific - Big Stories Co (Australia)