Feng Xiaogang's The Assembly was the biggest winner at the 15th Beijing Student Film Festival, which wrapped yesterday in Beijing. The film won best picture, best director, and best actor for Zhang Hanyu's performance.

The best actress award went to Miao Pu for Sino-Japan co-production Crossing Over.

The festival also gave away three Jury Awards: Postman From Paradise, produced by Beijing Forbidden City Films; Gun Of Mercy, from Shenzhen Film Studio and Shanghai Film Studio, and Good Man from Chengtian Entertainment.

The Best First Movie award went to The Park by Yin Lichuan, while Best New Performer went to Huang Xiaolei for comedy World Second.

Actress Yu Nan was given the award for Most Popular Actress Among University Students for the film Deadly Delicious, while Hou Yong won the Most Popular Actor Among University Students. Both award categories were directly voted for by university students across the country.

The Beijing Student Film Festival is organised by Beijing Normal University, CCTV movie channel and Beijing-based cinema circuit New Film Association among other Beijing-based film organisations. It is seen as one of the few privately run film festivals that receives high media attention as well popularity among China's college students - the majority movie-goers.

The film festival also gives out awards to short films, animation shorts, mobile shorts and anti-piracy shorts. The latter is part of an anti-piracy campaign in collaboration with the Motion Picture Association (MPA).