Move will highlight Christmas line-up and is hoped to attract new international delegates.

The 68th Australian International Movie Convention (AIMC) will give exhibition delegates a much better look than usual of the Christmas line-up because of its move from August to October 14-17.

This is the message that organisers of the product-focused event are pushing out to Australian and also potential international delegates, particularly from Asia.

“We have one of the most sophisticated markets in the world and a lot to offer,” says Michael Hawkins [pictured], executive director of the National Association of Cinema Operators-Australasia (NACO).

“Everyone comments on the camaraderie here between distributors and exhibitors, and we lead the world in trends such as gold class cinemas and in little things too such as carpeted floors.”

The atmosphere is relaxed and it’s good value for money at $1,134 (A$1,090) for a week including meals, he adds, and the weather will be even better in October for holidaymakers.

NACO says an estimated 72% of Australia’s 1995 cinema screens are now digital, with 57% of these being 3D capable.

“Last year was a near record year, Boxing Day was an absolute record and films generally gross 8% of the US domestic box office, especially big blockbusters, animation, romcoms and films for the older market,” Hawkins added.

Australia’s population is only 23 million and last year box office reached $1,171,232,761 (A$1,125,536,000).

Since 2009, the screenings, seminars, tradeshow and so on have all been held at Jupiters Hotel and Casino on Queensland’s Gold Coast. Last year $20.8m (A$20m) was spent on enlarging and improving the theatre, which now holds 1,800 people.