Daniel Auteuil has joined Monica Bellucci in the cast ofPaolo Virzi's new comedy, which is entitled "N."

The Euros 8.5m film, adapted from Ernesto Ferrero'sprize-winning novel, tells the story of Napoleon's exile on the island ofElba, where he lived for 300 days, and a librarian who closely observes histurmoil and his foibles. Auteuil will play the title role.

"It's the story of an all-powerful man whosuddenly loses all his power. It's the story of a hero who is suddenlynormal," says Virzi.

Elio Germano and Italian comic Massimo Ceccherini willco-star in the film, which is scheduled to begin its 10-week shoot in Tuscanyon August 22.

The film, which is produced by Rome's Cattleya, willbe distributed in Italy through Medusa.

Writer-director Virzi's credits include Ovosodo, MyName is Tanino and Caterina inthe City.

Auteuil recently starred in Roberto Ando's Italianthriller Sotto Falso Nome, while Italiandiva Monica Bellucci's last appearance in a local film was in GabrieleMuccino's 2003 picture Remember Me.