LGM produces, Wild Bunch France has local rights.

French star Daniel Auteuil is now shooting La mer a boire.

This $9.11m (€7m) feature is directed Jacques Maillot, who directed 2008’s French box office hit Rivals (Les Liens Du Sang).

LGM Cinema produces the project, with Wild Bunch France on board for French distribution (a winter 2011 launch is planned).

Auteuil plays a shipyard manager who has been a widower for years. Completely dedicated to his work, he thinks of his employees as family members. After a bank stops the shipyard’s credit line, he has to lay off some of his collaborators. To save the firm, he decides to call on a mysterious Russian investor.

The film started shooting this week in Paris, in Southern french city Toulon and Kiev until March 11.

LGM Cinema previously produced popular crime action films such as 36 and MR73.

Auteuil’s famed credits range from Jean de Florette to Hidden (Cache).

(Anne Laure Bell contributed to this report.)