GOLDEN GLOBES: Cinema’s leading lights express gratitude, surprise

For the lucky ones, December 12 was a morning to remember as the Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced its nominees for the 71st Golden Globe Awards.

ScreenDaily spoke to some of the nominees. The awards ceremony will take place on Jan 12, 2014.


“We thank the Hollywood Foreign Press for recognizing Steve McQueen, John Ridley, Hans Zimmer and the incredible ensemble of actors, who have brought so much to this film. It’s this kind of bold filmmaking and storytelling that excites us at River Road and makes us proud to be a part of this incredible project. Special thanks to our partners at New Regency, Plan B and Fox Searchlight.”
River Road Entertainment head Bill Pohlad, producer-financier – 12 Years A Slave

“[Philomena] started with Steve Coogan sharing a newspaper article with me that was in The Guardian that was about the book. We thought it was a fabulous idea and we decided to develop it together. It was very different for him because he’d never done a serious film before. That was the genesis.

“[Martin Sixsmith] was extremely cooperative. We didn’t really base the script on [his] book; it was really about how the book came into being. If you actually read the book, it has actually very little to do with what we made. He let us do what we could with his character, which was stretching it a little.

“We realised early on that [Judi Dench] would be the ideal person. Steve went and met her when we had the first draft of the script. He went to her home and read her the first draft and she signed on right away.

“From there on in, they were able to write the script with Judi in mind. There’s definitely a lot of focus on [what went on at the convent].  There’s a documentary about exactly what happened there.  The film has definitely stirred things up.”
Gabrielle Tana, Producer – Philomena

“It’s a fantastic honour to be nominated in such a strong year and to be part of an outstanding group of British films and talent.  Rush is filled with the best of British in front of and behind the camera.”
Andrew Eaton, producer – Rush

Rush was a bona fide labour of love project from Peter Morgan’s complex and fascinating spec script through the shooting, editing and final sound design, so this nomination is especially gratifying. We are all very grateful to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.”
Ron Howard, director-producer – Rush


“I was shaking the cobwebs out [when I heard about the nominations]. I had just flown in from Vancouver where I’m doing a film called Warcraft and landed at about one o’clock and got up at around five. Then I started to get emails. In this wonderful, operatic environment that David [O Russell] creates the characters feel so real. The dialogue is so compelling, yet fun.

“David is one of those guys – and I think this is what makes him such an iconoclast – when you see a David O Russell film you know it’s got his signature on it even if you haven’t seen the director’s credit yet. David can take a funny scene and in that same scene bring tears to your eyes. If a scene is dramatic in its tension he can make you laugh hysterically.

“Those swings of emotion that he can take you through in a scene are pretty unusual and difficult to execute. All of those things make up the reason why people are gravitating to the characters and enjoying the film.”
Charles Roven, producer – American Hustle

“Marty [Scorsese] and I are thrilled that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association has honored our film, The Wolf Of Wall Street, and our ‘Wolf’ Leonardo DiCaprio with nominations. We’re all very proud of the work we did on this picture and are delighted to see it acknowledged.”
Emma Tillinger Koskoff, producer – The Wolf Of Wall Street


“I’m truly humbled and honoured to be acknowledged for two projects that, though very different from one another, are both extremely personal and special to me. Thank you to the Hollywood Foreign Press for your support, and I would also like to give a special thank you to Mr Mandela, who will be forever missed.”
Idris Elba – Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom and best actor in a mini-series or TV movie for Luther

“I’m honoured. The HFPA puts on a good party and I am happy to be invited.”
Tom Hanks – Captain Phillips

“I’m excited and honoured that the HFPA has recognised my performance in Dallas Buyers Club. Ron Woodroof was a revolutionary for the human spirit, and I was blessed to tell his story. I’m looking forward to spending the evening at the Golden Globes on January 12th.”
Matthew McConaughey – Dallas Buyers Club


“I’m truly honoured to be nominated by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association today. Getting this movie financed and off the ground was a dream of mine for over six years, and is a testament to the true collaboration between Red Granite, Sikelia, Appian Way and Paramount. This film would not have been possible without the genius of Martin Scorsese, and this incredibly talented cast and crew. Making Wolf Of Wall Street [sic] was one of the highlights of my career. Thank you again to the HFPA for their support.”
Leonardo DiCaprio – The Wolf Of Wall Street

“Working with the Coen brothers on Inside Llewyn Davis was a life-changing experience. I’m grateful and humbled that the HFPA recognised my work in the movie.”
Oscar Isaac – Inside Llewyn Davis

“Thanks to the Hollywood Foreign Press for recognising Her. Spike wrote a wonderful story and I couldn’t be more pleased for him.” 
Joaquin Phoenix – Her


“What great news! I’m delighted, and hugely honoured to be in such magnificent company. And without the inspiration of Philomena herself I wouldn’t of course be receiving this recognition.”
Judi Dench – Philomena

“‎I’m extremely surprised and absolutely thrilled to be included this year!!‎ Thank you to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.” 
Kate Winslet – Labor Day


“I am deeply honoured by this nomination. Thank you to the HFPA for all their support, to be nominated in the company of such inspiring and esteemed actors is incredible. Thank you to Ron Howard for believing in me and giving me the opportunity. I am so proud the film has been recognised as well, and delighted for Peter Morgan, Chris Hemsworth and the whole team.  We all truly loved the experience of working on Rush and, as ever, thank you to the magnificent Niki Lauda.
Daniel Bruhl – Rush

“This is absolutely incredible. I want to thank the members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for shining a light on Dallas Buyers Club and for celebrating independent cinema. I’m blown away by this Golden Globe Award nomination and so thankful to the incredible filmmakers for inviting me to help bring a fascinating story to the screen. This has been an unforgettable experience and I’m so very grateful to you all.”
Jared Leto – Dallas Buyers Club


“I am so honoured that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association has recognised my work alongside such brilliant actresses. Also a huge congrats to the amazing writers, directors, and casts of American Hustle and Her for their nominations. Truly a day for gratitude.”
Amy Adams – American Hustle

“I am delighted, happy and thrilled to be nominated. I want to thank the Hollywood Foreign Press for acknowledging my performance of Celine in Before Midnight! It’s been an amazing journey which I’ve shared over 20 years with Richard Linklater and Ethan Hawke, to whom I owe so much.”
Julie Delpy – Before Midnight

“I’m thrilled and so grateful to the Hollywood Foreign Press. One question: does this mean I need two dresses?”
Julia Louis-Dreyfus – Enough Said and Veep


“I can’t express the excitement I felt hearing my name called while listening to the nominations from Paris this afternoon. I screamed and the tears started immediately; I was so overwhelmed! I am so happy for Chiwetel, Michael, Steve, John, and Hans. 12 Years A Slave means so much to me and having the Hollywood Foreign Press recognise it as it did, is just beyond words.”
Lupita Nyong’o – 12 Years A Slave


“Thank you to the HFPA. I am so grateful and honoured to be part of this wonderful experience. This was truly a labour of love, many years in the making. When I began this journey, I never could of imagined the ride would take me here. I tremendously appreciated for the work of David O Russell and to world’s greatest cast and crew. Thank you again to the Hollywood Foreign Press.
Eric Warren Singer, co-writer with David O Russell, and executive producer – American Hustle

“I’m thrilled that a story which is simply about love and forgiveness has been recognised with this nomination.”
Jeff Pope – Philomena


“I am so incredibly grateful for the nomination, and equally aware what so many people are responding to are the words and strength and character of Solomon Northup. It is an honour to have been part of a gifted group of artists who have brought his story to life.”
John Ridley 12 Years A Slave


“Thank you to the Hollywood Foreign Press for recognising such an important and timeless film. Scoring a project for Steve McQueen of this calibre was truly a once in a lifetime experience, and I could not be more grateful for the love that he, the cast, and the film have received.”
Hans Zimmer, composer – 12 Years A Slave

“I woke up to my love shaking me, warmly, grinning. ‘Wake Up! Wake Up!! Take out your earplugs!’ she yelped. (I sleep with earplugs – we live right in the thick of it on Frenchmen St, New Orleans). ‘You were nominated for a Golden Globe!’ I found myself in total jubilated shock. The feeling is truly profound. I am gratitude incarnate right now. Thanks to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for thinking to honour those things they are touched by – I am very grateful to be nominated. To the entire All Is Lost team, congratulations on such a special and poetic movie.”
Alex Ebert, composer All Is Lost

“I’m delighted to learn that the score from The Book Thief has been recognissed by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. It has been a joyous experience to work with director Brian Percival and all associated with this very special and truly unique film.”
John Williams, composer –The Book Thief


“We’re honoured and humbled to be nominated for a Golden Globe award for Ordinary Love, a song inspired by the great man, Nelson Mandela.”
The Edge, U2 – Ordinary Love, Madela: Long Walk To Freedom
Music by Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton, Larry Mullen Jr, Brian Burton. Lyric by Bono


“Thanks, HFPA, for the best wake-up call ever! The Croods has been an eight-year labour of love and to be recognised with a Golden Globe nomination is  pretty amazing. We set out to make a film that everyone in the family – especially fathers – can relate to: a story about the power of change. Creating an original film takes a village, and from the support of the studio leadership at DreamWorks Animation to everyone on our crew, we cannot say ‘thank you’ enough.”  
Writer-director Kirk DeMicco, The Croods

“Animated films are the most detailed, complex sorts of films you can possibly make – so we don’t take that task lightly. The Croods had a message we felt was worthy of that scale of effort, and anyone who has seen it has come away changed. We are immensely proud of it, and of the artists who devoted themselves to it. We, and they, thank the HFPA from the bottom of their very strong hearts.”
Writer-director Chris Sanders, The Croods

“Gru is such an unusual character. On one hand he’s nasty and cantankerous but he also has this great vulnerability. He’s a very unusual character to find in the centre of an animated film. On top of that there’s this absolutely infectious quality that the Minions have that touched audiences of all ages all over the world.

“There was a very active afterlife with the first movie after its theatrical run. The audience of the movie was expanded considerably just through seeing the film on DVD and when the film started its broadcast run. The awareness was just much greater. What we know in the ensuing three years between the two films was that the enthusiasm and the anticipation just kept growing.

“There’s a quality that Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud, our directors, found in this world of characters that made such a lasting connection with audiences that their desire to see them again was just undeniable.”
Chris Meledandri, Illumination Entertainment founder and producer – Despicable Me 2


“BBC Films are delighted by the Philomena and Saving Mr Banks four Golden Globe Nominations today, and send congratulations to Judi Dench and Emma Thompson whose outstanding performances have been recognised.”
Christine Langan, head of BBC Films, which backed Philomena and Saving Mr. Banks

“It’s harder than ever before [to assemble slates of high-quality specialised films] for a couple of reasons. The first reason may have to do with this being a very special year in that there are more quality movies this year than ever before. We have never seen it so rich in the number of great titles in any year before.

“I don’t know why that is. It could be a cyclical thing, or it could be the way it will be every year, it remains to be seen. This year every major studio has a major film or two that is worthy of consideration. Every independent company has a film or two or three that are worthy of consideration.

“The other reason it feels difficult is that every year the noise that emanates from every publication and every site just exponentially gets bigger and louder. There are so many more stories on every film that it becomes more difficult to be distinctive and stand out. I would say about a third of our slate we buy at the screenplay stage that we produce or co-produce for film.

“Two-thirds of the slate are films that we acquire either a first rough-cut of the film or the film is completely finished. The key [to optimal performance] is to tailor-make your release to the particular film, and every film is different. The key to us when we become involved with a film is we have a very clear path to how we think the film will reach a substantial audience. I think if we keep our eyes focused on the films, which is what we do, that’s what it’s about.

“We never look at it in terms of competitors or rivals, we look at films we think we can make work and then execute the plan.”
Michael Barker, co-president Sony Pictures Classics, which earned nominations for Blue Jasmine, Before Midnight and The Past.