Slumdog Millionaire

Favourite film 

Slumdog Millionaire (pictured) is the epitome par excellence of a concept film and its public and critical success shows that we can bring everyone together around a strong story that has a good marketing position despite the language the film is in. When has there been the French equivalent? Nothing as big since Amelie which had the same qualities…

Biggest news story

The successive bankruptcies of distribution companies in Japan which shows that a concentration towards blockbusters is going to accelerate to the detriment of auteur films - just as one needs the other in order to bring new talent to the fore.

The US groups that had specialty divisions which preferred to stop incurring costs before the gulf widened only moves the phenomenon forward.

Changes in store for 2010

More bankruptcies (this is going to happen quickly in France) and the impoverishment of the subsidiary before demand kicks back in. But it’s too early for that; we’re in the slump.