In Treament

Favourite film of the year:

I am both a movie and TV producer so this year it is not a film, but a TV series – HBO’s In Treatment, starring Gabriel Byrne as psychotherapist, Dr. Paul Weston (pictured). It has outstanding scriptwriters and acting.

Biggest news story

The adaptation of Stieg Larssons books is about the absurd abuse of women on three levels - in the family (book one), economically (book two) and politically/structurally (book three). The saddest news story in Sweden was about the level of crime among policemen and the violence they commit towards women. It is scary to imagine that at these policemen are also involved in investigating crimes against women.

Changes in store for 2010

There is an ongoing battle between the way audiences consume films and TV and the scheduling-releasing plans and financing conditions from our side. I think we may have to find new business models so whichever platform a consumers chooses, they feel they are walking up the red carpet.