Director Jason Reitman

Producers Ivan Reitman, Jason Reitman, Daniel Dubiecki, Jeffrey Clifford

Production companies Montecito Picture Company, Rickshaw Productions, Right Of Way Films, Cold Spring Pictures, DW Studios

US distribution Paramount Pictures

International distribution Paramount Pictures International

US release date December 4

Worldwide gross $4m to December 13

Best picture chances

Jason Reitman’s Juno scored picture and director Oscar nominations in 2007, and chances are that his much praised Up In The Air will do the same. It is almost the perfect awards package: a clever, melancholy comic drama addressing contemporary issues of unemployment, corporate ruthlessness and no-strings relationships, while also starring George Clooney in his best performance to date. Nominated for a Golden Globe for best picture (drama).

What Screen said

“A smart and poignant romantic comedy, Up In The Air has a lot on its mind, and although the film does not execute perfectly all of its ambitions, it’s one of those rare mainstream Hollywood pictures that addresses contemporary issues gracefully. Anchored by a strong performance from Clooney, Reitman’s most mature film balances laughs and pathos with its story of downsized workers and love’s redemptive power… Up In The Air represents a merging of the best qualities of Reitman’s previous two films, combining the skewed look at the modern workplace of Thank You For Smoking and the sentimental romance of Juno.”

Tim Grierson