Rupert Murray, who directed the environmental documentary The End Of The Line, will now expand that project into a six-part documentary series that will be exclusively launched by online and mobile platform Babelgum.

The End Of The Line - The Series will be released online and for mobile devices on June 8 (World Oceans Day) to coincide with the film’s traditional theatrical launch in the US and UK. The other five episodes of the series will be launched each week thereafter.

The deal for the series, which gives Babelgum exclusvie mobile and online rights for five months and overall rights
for two years, was negotiated by George Duffield and Christopher Hird on behalf of The Fish Film Company, and Karol Martesko-Fenster on behalf of Babelgum.

The feature documentary The End Of The Line, which premiered in the World Cinema Documentary Competition at Sundance, is about overfishing and its catastrophic consequences.

The feature is based on the book by Charles Clover and narrated by Ted Danson. Now the six-part documentary film series will see Murray going deeper into the issues and behind the scenes of the original film.

The series is also supported by National Geographic - OceanNow and The Waitt Family Foundation.

Murray and producer Duffield said: “We always wanted to incorporate mobile and Internet platforms into our release strategy. We worked closely with Babelgum to find the most appropriate and novel approach to create these six custom episodes. We are delighted with the partnership and the fact that Babelgum is already an established destination for high quality environmental programming and major independent film releases.”

Babelgum’s Martesko-Fenster added: “We are thrilled to be working with Rupert Murray, and to partner with The Fish Film Company, to present this exclusive mobisodic and webisodic series. And we are very proud to see Babelgum leading a new trend where mobile and Internet delivery is becoming an integral part of the overall distribution process for major film releases.”

UK-based director Murray previously made the award-winning documentary Unknown White Male.