Former Stylejam executive Soojun Bae has launched a Tokyo-based production and distribution outfit, Synca Creations.

The company is acquiring director-driven films for Japanese distribution, working with two existing distributors – Midship, founded by another former Stylejam executive Jin Suzuki, and Parco, which owns two Tokyo cinemas. 

Synca has already jointly acquired Stig Svendsen’s Elevator with Midship, which the two companies plan to release in September this year.

Bae also worked with Midship to distribute two of the company’s previous acquisitions – Michael Mann-produced Texas Killing Fields, released in Japan in April, and Sidey Lumet’s Find Me Guilty, which opened May 19. He also co-distributed David Brooks’ ATM with Parco.

Synca is also developing a slate of Japanese films, starting with an adaptation of a manga about high school students. “In the long-term, I’d also like to help create a more comfortable environment [in Japan] for international co-productions,” said Bae, who plans to unveil his debut production slate this summer.

Bae’s credits as a producer include Japanese films such as Shinji Aoyama’s Sad Vacation and international co-productions including Asia Argento’s The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things, Jan Kounen’s Darshan, Roy Andersson’s You, The Living and Oxide Pang’s The Tesseract.