David Hare, Ronald Harwood, Peter Morgan, Aline Brosh McKenna, Simon Beaufoy and Christopher Hampton are set to deliver lectures in a special series organized by BAFTA and the BFI.

The series, honoring British screenwriters working internationally, is funded by the Sainsbury Family’s JJ Charitable Trust.

All the lectures will be held in September at BAFTA and BFI Southbank.

David Hare’s lecture kicks off the season on Sept 9. Webcasts will be available following the events.

Screenwriter/BAFTA member Jeremy Brock has programmed the series. He said: “With BAFTA and the BFI I am setting up a series of lecture events with some of the best British screenwriters in the business. The idea is to celebrate screenwriters as collaborative authors of films, rather than simply as adjuncts of the director’s vision. I am passionately against the possessory credit now taken by almost all directors - “a film by” - except in the case of directors who also write their own screenplays. Even then, I think the possessory credit demeans all those whose vision and talent goes into making a movie: writers, producers, actors, cameramen, designers, make-up, editors, composers, special effects etc. I hope that these lectures will help to celebrate the screenwriter’s contribution, but also the fact that a film is not a singular piece of work, but a true collaboration.”