"I'm so delighted, and very pleased for Richard (Eyre) and Patrick (Marber)."

Judi Dench, actress, Notes On A Scandal

"Patrick Marber wrote a wonderful screenplay and Judi Dench leads a perfect cast... I hope the Bafta recognition will encourage even more people to see the movie."

Richard Eyre, director, Notes On A Scandal

"I'm honoured the film has been nominated for so many Baftas, not only for myself and my extraordinary crew, but for the families who allowed us to make it in the first place."

Paul Greengrass, director, United 93

"I'm so pleased Bafta members have recognised that two of our greatest actors, Peter O'Toole and Leslie Phillips, are delighting, moving and surprising audiences. I hope this will represent the start of great careers for both of them."

Kevin Loader, producer, Venus

"I couldn't be happier to see Last King get so many Bafta noms. Its particularly pleasing to see James [McAvoy] get much deserved recognition for his performance, which has so often been overshadowed by Forest [Whitaker's] extraordinary turn as Idi Amin - a more obviously awards- friendly part."

Kevin Macdonald, director, The Last King Of Scotland

"I'm really thrilled for Zoe Heller, Judi Dench, Richard Eyre and the film. I'm fairly new to writing screenplays so to be acknowledged by Bafta is an incredible honour."

Patrick Marber, screenwriter, Notes On A Scandal

"I'm delighted and honoured to have been nominated and I'd like to thank Bafta and all those associated with Venus."

Peter O'Toole, actor, Venus

"(The) nominations prove Film4 has been very busy backing extraordinary British talent, and continues to grow in strength and in its commitment to truly independent film-making."

Tessa Ross, head of Film4

"It's a great honour to be nominated, especially among the other nominees. It's been a huge privilege to be part of the film... we're in some really great company."

Michael Sheen, actor, The Queen

"We're delighted with the nominations. It's great to see British films such as ours being recognised. The only thing I'm slightly disappointed in is that [director] Martin [Camp-bell] didn't get a nod... But that is how it goes. It's still a fantastic result."

Michael G Wilson, producer, Casino Royale.