Young Adam, American Cousins and Afterlifelead the nominations for the BAFTA Scotland Awards to be held in Glasgow onNovember 14.

A significantexpansion of the previous biennial awards honouring new talent, these nowannual awards will honour Scottish achievement at all levels as well asrecognising developments in new technology and new media.

Scots actor BillyBoyd was present at the announcement of the nominations that saw recognitionfor Young Adam in five categoriesincluding Best Film, Best Director for David Mackenzie, Best Actor for EwanMcGregor and Best Actress for Tilda Swinton.

Fellow Best Filmcontender American Cousins was alsonominated for screenplay and Best Director whilst the low-budget drama Afterlife was recognised for Screenplay,First Time Director Alison Peebles and First Time Performer Paula Sage.

Other films withmultiple nominations included Richard Jobson's directorial debut 16 Years Of Alcohol, Blind Flight and Dear Frankie.

The evening willalso see the presentation of an Audience Award sponsored by UGC Cinemas inwhich cinemagoers will choose from twelve titles including Ae Fond Kiss, Dear Frankie and YoungAdam.

BAFTA Scotland Awards 2004 Nominations

Best NewWork
Taking Cuttings
Six Hours Of Daylight

Best First TimeDirector
Rooted - KapwaniKiwanga
Blinded - Eleanor Yule
Afterlife - Alison Peebles
Bye Child - Bernard MacLaverty

Best New Screenplay
Wise Guys - SimonStephenson
The Tree Officer - Neil Jack

Best First Time Performance
Vivienne Endicott-Douglas - Shoebox Zoo
Jack McElhone - Dear Frankie
Natasha Watson - Iota
Paula Sage - Afterlife

Best New Media/Interactive
The Tomorrows Project
Balamory Website
Weightless Animals

Best Feature Film
American Cousins
Wilbur (wants To Kill himself)
Young Adam

Best Director
American Cousins -Don Coutts
16 Years Of Alcohol - Richard Jobson
Dear Frankie - Shona Auerbach
Young Adam - David MacKenzie

Best Actor in a Scottish Film
16 Years Of Alcohol- Kevin McKidd
Blind Flight - Linus Roache
Blind Flight - Ian Hart
Young Adam - Ewan McGregor

Best Actress in a Scottish Film
Ae Fond Kiss - EvaBirthistle
Young Adam - Tilda Swinton

Best Feature Film Screenplay
Young Adam - DavidMackenzie
Afterlife - Andrea Gibb
American Cousins - Sergio Casci

Best Documentary
Orwell - Against The Tide
Through Hell And High Water
Touch The Sound - A Sound Journey WithEvelyn Glennie

Best Short Film
Tumshie McFadgen's Bid For Ultimate Bliss

Best Animation
Red Thread
Rogue Farm
The Tree Officer