The saga of the Munich DVD screeners sentto BAFTA members continues. BAFTA voters finally received the DVDs on Saturday,but found that they were Region 1 DVDs encrypted in the Cineaanti-piracy format, so not able to play on any UK Cineaplayers.

As reported last week, screeners of Steven Spielberg'slatest were sent late from America and then delayed in customs, so they didn't reachBAFTA voters in time for the first round of voting (which closed January 4).When screeners finally did arrive on Saturday, the coding problem wasdiscovered.

Premier PR's Sara Keene, whois handling BAFTA campaigns for all UIP titles including Munich, called the mistake "a lab error."

She added, "We are lookinginto what possible technical solution there might be for the problem. Meanwhilewe've arranged three more screenings of the movie over the next three days."

BAFTA's second round of voting ends on Thursday evening, butMunich is only shortlisted in twocategories: best director and adapted screenplay and not being considered forbest film. Munich is out now in the US but won't be released in the UK until January 27.