As of this morning, Baftamembers are starting their second round of voting for the British Academy's annual film awards,with The Constant Gardener leadingthe first-round shortlist in the major categories.

The Bafta second-roundvoting shortlist for best film includes the following 15 titles: Brokeback Mountain, Capote, The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe, CinderellaMan, The Constant Gardener, Crash, Good Night, And Good Luck, A History OfViolence, King Kong, March Of The Penguins, Memoirs Of A Geisha, Mrs HendersonPresents, Pride & Prejudice, Syriana, and Walk The Line.

Looking at the eight majorcategories (best film, director, original or adapted screenplay, actor,actress, supporting actor, and supporting actress), Fernando Meirelles' TheConstant Gardener has eight mentions at this stage of voting (but it shouldbe noted that three of those mentions are in the supportingactor category.) Closely behind with seven mentions each are Brokeback Mountain, Crash, Good Night, And Good Luck, andMemoirs of a Geisha. Pride &Prejudice, Capote, Cinderella Man, and AHistory of Violence are shortlisted in six majorcategories each, with Walk The Line, Mrs Henderson Presents, King Kong at five each. MatchPoint, Batman Begins, and Syriana have four mentions each in the major categories.

The most notable totalshutout without any mentions in the 17 categories was Terrence Malick's The NewWorld. Sam Mendes' Jarhead onlymade the shortlist in one category, for special effects. Both of those filmswere available as DVD screeners to voters.

One British film surprisinglynot shortlisted in these 17 categories is Michael Winterbottom's critically acclaimed A Cock & Bull Story. Of course, that film could still benominated in the best British film category, which wasn't in the 17 categoriesopened to second-round voting.

Baftamembers only shortlisted Steven Spielberg's Munich in twocategories, for director and adapted screenplay -- but not for best film. As reported earlier this week, Munich screener DVDs weren't distributed to Bafta membersearly enough for first-round voting.

In a surprising inclusion,Bafta voters have put Hotel Rwandathrough to second-round voting in three categories (original screenplay, actor,and actress) despite the fact that the film opened theatrically in February anddidn't benefit from DVD screeners or end-of-year Bafta considerationscreenings.

Woody Allen got shortlisted for best director, but his Match Point didn't get a mention in the best film category.Likewise, Christopher Nolan made the first cut for best director, but Batman Begins didn't for best film.

In another schism in thosetwo usually closely tied categories, MrsHenderson Presents was shortlisted for best filmbut Stephen Frears wasn't put forward for bestdirector.

The shortlist for the bestforeign-language film includes The BeatThat My Heart Skipped, Bombon - El Perro, Bread & Tulips, The Consequences of Love, The Edukators, Le Grand Voyage, Heimat3, Hidden (Cache), Howl's Moving Castle, Kung Fu Hustle, The Last Mitterand, Merry Christmas (JoyeuxNoel), The Mystery (Paheli), Sophie Scholl - TheFinal Days, and Tsotsi.

The results from the firstround of voting are far from the actual Bafta nominations. In the first round,Bafta members can vote for 12 selections in each category choosing from thisyear's 246 eligible films. In this second round, members vote for five out ofthe possible 15 per category. After second-round voting closes on January 12,Bafta will announce this year's nominees on January 19.

After nominees areannounced, third round of voting commences and winners will be announced at theFebruary 19 ceremony at London's Odeon Leicester Square.