Bob Baldwin (pictured) has been named CEO of UK-basedproduction company Storitel, which also announced that it has established afeature film development fund to provide initial capital for UK and foreignprojects.

Storitel is now in pre-production on twothrillers: Fragile Edge and Leona's Revenge.

Fragile Edge, written by mountaineering expert Matt Dickinson, is about aglobal terror campaign unfolding on an icy mountain range.

Spanish-set Leona's Revenge, written by Collin O'Donnell, is about a gypsy woman who huntsdown her son's kidnappers.

"It's with great excitementthat we welcome Bob as the new CEO of Storitel," said chairman PaulSherwood. "He is a brilliant executive, who brings the creativityand experience we are looking for. He will step right in and lead the companywithout missing a beat. The company has a great future ahead of it and Bob willbe play an integral role in realizing the lofty goals we have set."

Baldwin has been a directorand producer of projects that have aired on Channel 4, BBC 3 and DiscoveryChannel, and he also founded fringe theatre company Heaven and the Victorians.