Christian Bale, DavidThewlis, Noah Taylor and Q'orianka Kilcher (pictured) have joined the cast of TerrenceMalick's The New World which NewLine Cinema plans to release in Nov 2005.

The new cast members joinColin Farrell, Christopher Plummer, August Schellenberg and Wes Studi in thefilm which is Malick's first film since The Thin Red Line in 1998. Set afterthe founding of the Jamestown settlement in 1607 in America, it tells the lovestory of Captain John Smith (Farrell) and native woman Pocahantas (Kilcher).

Kilcher was cast after aneight-month search involving thousands of actresses; it is the feature starringdebut for the Indian actress who is descended from the Huachipaeri and Quechuatribes of South America.

Bale will play Englishtobacco planter John Rolfe, Thewlis will play Smith's rival Captain Wingfieldand Taylor will play Selway, one of the first English settlers.

Bale is currently starringas Bruce Wayne and Batman in Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins, Thewlis can currently be seen in Harry Potter& The Prisoner Of Azkaban andhas completed shooting a role in Ridley Scott's Kingdom Of Heaven, Taylor has a role in Wes Anderson's The LifeAquatic and will also appear in TimBurton's Charlie & The Chocolate Factory.

The New World is being produced by Sarah Green, with BillMechanic, Trish Hoffman, Rolf Mittweg and Mark Ordesky acting as executiveproducers. Director of photography is Emmanuel Lubezki with Malick's longtimecollaborator Jack Fisk production designer and Jacqueline West costumedesigner.