Organisers atthe Bangkok International Film Festival (BKKIFF) said yesterday (Jan 6) thatthe event will go ahead as planned next week, with a new focus on raising moneyfor victims of the Indian Ocean tsunami.

In conjunction with the Tourism Authority of Thailand,organisers said they would siphon "significant" portions of festival revenuesto relief efforts and to that end have set up a special fund called "BKKIFF2005 for the Andaman Tsunami Relief."

The openingnight will proceed as scheduled on Jan 13, however, in lieu of a traditionalopening ceremony, six screenings in six cinemas representing six countries willtake place simultaneously.

Representativesfrom local embassies will make official statements regarding their country'ssupport of the festival's efforts to raise funds and a moment of silence willprecede each opening night screening.

"Proceeds fromeach ticket sold during the event will also be given to the disaster efforts,and with over 100,000 seats available during the festival, this will make adifference to the lives of those suffering," governor of tourism and festivalpresident Juthamas Siriwan said in a statement.

All screenings and specialevents will have tables providing information about disaster funds. Thefestival will run from Jan 13-24.