Overturning a previous decision of the Israeli Censorship Board, the country's The Supreme Court of Justice has lifted the ban on Mukhammad Bakkri's controversial documentary Jenin Jenin.

Bakkri's report on the Israeli military incursion into the Jenin refugee camp and its tragic outcome put the entire blame on the Israeli side, using a number of interviews that suggested a massacre had taken place at the time, an accusation that has been recognised in the meantime to be untrue by all sides involved, including the Palestinians.

Protests against the first screenings of Bakkri's film at the Tel Aviv and Jerusalem Cinematheques almost a year ago, provoked verdict of the Censorship Board who prohibited any further display of the film at the time for "bearing false testimonies on the entire event and inciting against the Israeli Army". The Supreme Court ruled the censors have no authority or capacity to establish whether the film was faithful to the truth or deceitful, and their decision violated the rights for free expression.

Still pending against Bakkri is a separate court case, brought by a number of Israeli soldiers who participated in the Jenin battles, accusing the director of libel by wilfully distorting the facts and using false, one-sided testimonies in his film.