Warner Bros hassigned a two-year first-look deal with Drew Barrymore and Nancy Juvonen'sFlower Films. Flower has spent the last four years in two first-look deals at Sony Pictures and before that were based at 20th Century Fox.

The partners'producing credits include Fever Pitch, which is set to open in North America this weekend, FiftyFirst Dates, the Charlie'sAngels franchise, Duplex, Donnie Darko and Never Been Kissed.

"We are proud and happy to bring our production company toWarner Bros Pictures," Barrymore and Juvonen said in a joint statement. "Theirproduction, marketing and distribution teams are great, and we believe theywill be our true partners in making the kinds of movies we love."

"Drew representsa rare and wonderful combination, in that she's a gifted actress and a smartand effective producer," Warner Bros president of production Jeff Robinovadded.

"She and Nancyhave developed and produced some tremendously successful films, and we arereally happy to have them at Warner Bros Pictures, where we think they'll continueto grow and flourish."

Barrymore stars oppositeJimmy Fallon in the Fever Pitchremake that opens this weekend through Twentieth Century Fox, and will appearlater this year opposite Eric Bana in Curtis Hanson's poker drama Lucky You for Warner Bros and Village Roadshow Pictures.