Bauer Martinez Studios isretooling its business plan to focus on self-generated material and plans tokick off this October with production of original comedy The Break-Up Guy scripted by David Drew Gallagher.

Gallagher previously wrote BauerMartinez's upcoming Van Wilder 2: The Rise Of Taj.

The romantic comedy scriptdeveloped from a pitch is the story of a professional who creates problems withcouples. "It's the opposite of Hitch," said Bauer Martinez chief Philippe Martinez in Cannes yesterday.

Bauer Martinez has had ahectic year, producing two $20m-plus pictures: The Flock with Richard Gere and Claire Danes and I CouldNever Be Your Woman with MichellePfeiffer. The company has also sealed a domestic distribution arrangement forbigger pictures with MGM.

From now on, Martinez said,the company planned to produce three films a year in the $15m to $18m budgetrange, as well as two pick-ups, as they did last year with Harsh Times and Fragile.