Platinum Dunes, MichaelBay's production outfit designed to make modestly budgeted films fromfirst-time directors, has signed an exclusive sales arrangement with FocusFeatures. Focus had previously handled Platinum Dunes' debut project TheTexas Chainsaw Massacre, whichgrossed more than $100m worldwide.

The new deal will encompassall upcoming Platinum Dunes projects for which Focus will sell all territoriesoutside North America.

Headed by Bay, along withhis producing partners Andrew Form and Brad Fuller, Platinum Dunes was formedin 2001 to "create opportunities for first-time directors to make commercial,high-concept movies, on modest budgets for a global audience."

"Texas Chainsaw was Platinum Dunes' first feature, and we were luckyenough to meet the standards we set out to achieve for our productions," saidBay in a statement. "The movie was made for a very low budget, but we made somethingpeople wanted to see and the worldwide grosses are proof of that. David and theteam at Focus are a great sales force and were integral to the movie'ssuccess. We're pleased to haveformalized our relationship and will announce our upcoming line-up soon."

Focus Features co-presidentDavid Linde said: "We are thrilled to expand on our relationship with Michael,Andrew, and Brad. Their keen eye for the most distinctive and yet commerciallyviable genre material is in line with the ethos at Focus. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a perfect example of the kind of product that'sbeing snapped up by distributors internationally."

William Morris Agency andOffer, Weber and Dern brokered the deal on behalf of Platinum Dunes. DavidLinde and Avy Eschenasy negotiated for Focus Features.