Drama veteransClaire Mundell and Justin Molotnikovhave set up a new production company, Synchronicity Films, to produce featurefilms and TV drama series.

Mundell has worked for BBC television as a producer/director andhead of department. Molotnikov has a total of 11years TV experience, including three years of drama development at the BBC. The pair recently worked on the successfulfamily series Shoebox Zoo.

Scotland-based Synchronicityhas optioned the feature film rights for the Shoebox Zoo brand and are planning a CGI animated/live-action feature entitled The Brotherhood Of The Book.

The company alsohas four other features in development along with a TV slate.

Claire comments:"We're keen that we become a prominent presence nationally and internationallyalso, and building on our recent extensive North American experience we have anumber of US/UK and UK/Canada co-production properties in development," said Mundell. "We are also currently talking to equity investorsregarding corporate financing and a host of distributors regarding individualproject development and first look deals."