Following on its first twofeatures Deep Blue and earth, BBC Worldwide is planning is third wildlife feature, Distant Thunder. BBC has comeon board as a co-producer with independent film-makers Mark Deeble and VictoriaStone.

Distant Thunder will be about the previously unseen emotional intelligence of theAfrican elephant.

BBC Worldwide's previous features were made with the BBC's own Natural History Unit, and this marks the first collaboration withan independent production company. DeepBlue came out in 2005 and earthis slated for release in autumn 2007.

"Deeble & Stone areamongst the most respected wildlife production partnerships of their generation,"said Wayne Garvie, director of content and production at BBC Worldwide. "The quality of their work, the stories they tell and thepure passion they have for what they do has won them countless awards andrespect within the film-making industry. I'm thrilled that Mark and Vicky willbe working with BBC Worldwide on its third feature film."

Deeble and Stone havepreviously made films including The QueenOf Trees and Mzimaand Devilfish.