Mr Bean's Holiday took back the international box office crown from 300 courtesy of an estimated $18m haul from 4,100 sites in 46 territories that raised the international running total to $127m.

Figures dipped in Europe due to exceptional weather, however Universal/UPI's comedy sequel had enough clout to rank top in many territories as it mustered a string of impressive results.

Bean stayed top in the UK for the third consecutive weekend and added $3.1m from 503 venues for a $36.2m tally. It reclaimed the top spot in Germany with a $2.2m haul from 796 sites to raise the cumulative total there to $18.1m after three, and ranked top in Italy after two weekends courtesy of a $1.2m gross from 244 venues for $4.9m.

The film climbed two places to number three in Spain on $1.1m from 287 sites for $8.1m after three weekends, and ranked number one in Australia after grossing $1.9m from 254 for $10.5m after the same amount of time. It ranked number three in Mexico, where $760,000 from 271 sites raised the tally to $2.6m after two weekends. There are 11 territories still to open including Japan and South Korea.

Meanwhile the comedy Hot Fuzz added $850,000 from 422 venues in eight territories for $57.6m. Edgar Wright's spoof buddy movie added $70,000 from 60 locations in its ninth weekend in the UK and has taken $40.9m.

The Spartan warriors of 300 had to settle for second place following a $14.8m haul from more than 5,700 prints in 61 markets through Warner Bros Pictures International (WBPI) that pushed them past the higher ground of $200m to $204.1m.

Second weekend highlights included $2m from 678 prints in Germany for $10.7m, and $1.8m from 338 in Australia for $8m. 300 stayed top in Brazil for the third weekend in a row after taking $1.3m from 462 for $8.1m.

After four weekends the action romp has amassed $25.5m in the UK, $18.2m in Spain, $13.9m in Italy, $12.4m in France, and $9m in Mexico. South Korea has generated $17.9m after five.

Horror title The Reaping added $3.3m from more than 1,300 prints in 18 markets to bring the overseas tally to $12.7m. Second weekend highlights included $943,000 from 368 Mexican screens for second place on $3.3m, and $794,000 from 300 Spanish screens for $3.7m.

The Reaping gets a big push next weekend, when it is scheduled to open in the UK, France, Germany, South Korea, Australia, and Brazil. Music And Lyrics added $1.9m for an $81.4m tally and launches next weekend in Spain and Japan.

Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI) opened the thriller Perfect Stranger day-and-date with North America in 40 markets and reported an $8.7m haul from 2,500 screens.

The film, which stars Halle Berry and Bruce Willis, opened top in Spain, France and Taiwan on $1.9m from 362 screens, $1.5m from 368, and $270,000 from 60 respectively.

It opened in second place in Italy and Brazil on $1m from 300 and $880,000 from 144 respectively. Germany delivered a fifth place debut on $665,000 from 395, while the UK produced ninth place on $560,000 from 263.

Elsewhere the film opened in Switzerland in second place on $180,000 from 40, second in the Ukraine on $175,000 from 57, second in Argentina on the same amount from 50, and second in Poland on $155,000 from 50.

Perfect Stranger launched in fourth place in Belgium on $155,000 from 32, second in the UAE on $120,000 from 19, third in Austria on $115,000 from 52, fourth in Holland on $105,000 from 36, and second in Kuwait on an excellent $100,000 from five.

Ghost Rider added $2.3m from 1,090 screens in 47 markets for $106.9m. It opened in South Korea in second place on $1.4m from 240 screens behind local film Murder In Kukrakdo.

Stomp The Yard took $1.3m from 200 in six markets for $3.7m, fired by a $985,000 Australian debut from 120 screens than ranked fifth.

Paramount/PPI's thriller Shooter grossed $5.6m from 1,523 locations in 25 territories to raise the tally to $9.3m. There were 16 new territory openings, including the UK where the film grossed $1.7m from 304 screens including previews. Spain generated $837,000 from 271 sites, Belgium produced $224,000 from 28 screens, and The Netherlands generated $134,000 from 50 for third place.

This weekend's number one North American release Disturbia opened in third place in Australia on $1.6m from 200 screens including previews, and opened in New Zealand on $123,000 from 46 screens.

The comedy Norbit added $2m from 1,336 locations in 52 territories for $58.2m, while Blades Of Glory grossed $1.5m in its second weekend in the UK where it held firm in third place for a total of $6m.

Fox International's sci-fi thriller Sunshine took $5.3m from 1,937 screens in 30 territories after launching in 22 new ones, raising the early tally to $10.4m. The highlight was $1.2m in France from 380 screens.

Night At The Museum remains strong in Japan, where it added $1.2m from 553 screens in the fifth weekend and stands at $27.2m. Overall it has grossed $318.1m from all its markets.

Buena Vista International executives had not returned calls at time of writing.