Warner Bros' reigning overseas champions of 300 are squaring up for a thunderous battle this weekend against Buena Vista's futuristic animated family Robinson and the return of Universal's hapless Mr Bean.

Warner Bros Pictures International's (WBPI) Spartan army has amassed more than $92.3m to date and invades Brazil on Mar 30. 300 has dominated the international arena for several weeks now and will soar past $100m through strong holds and the new release.

However King Leonidas and his band of warriors will have their work cut out if they are to hold on to the higher ground.

Universal/UPI unleashes Mr Bean's Holiday in 24 territories this weekend, including Australia, Germany, Russia and German-speaking Switzerland on Mar 29, followed a day later by the UK, Spain, Austria, Sweden and South Africa.

Universal/UIP's comedy Hot Fuzz stands at $42.9m.

Meanwhile Buena Vista International (BVI) launches the CGI-animated family title Meet The Robinsons in Australia, Germany, German-speaking Switzerland and Russia on Mar 29, followed a day later by the UK, Mexico, Spain and Austria. BVI executives report that the thriller Deja Vu has reached $112.3m and the comedy Wild Hogs stands at $12.1m.

Latest figures from WBPI put Blood Diamond on $103.5m, The Departed on $156.4m including non-WBPI territories, Happy Feet on $178m including Roadshow territories, Letters From Iwo Jima on $54m, and Music And Lyrics on $68m including Roadshow territories.

Fox International opens the horror sequel The Hills Have Eyes 2 in the first markets of Germany on Mar 29, followed a day later by Mexico and Austria. The swashbuckling Spanish-language adventure Alatriste starring Viggo Mortensen launches through Fox in Mexico on Mar 30.

Romantic comedy The Namesake gets its first releases in France and French-speaking Switzerland on Mar 28 and the UK on Mar 30, the same day as the potboiler Notes On A Scandal arrives in Spain.

Latest tallies put Night At The Museum on $304.8m, Notes On A Scandal on $24.6m, Little Miss Sunshine on $37.9m, Rocky Balboa on $74.5m from Fox International territories only, Epic Movie on $29.2m, and The Devil Wears Prada on $200.2m.

Paramount/PPI's thriller Shooter opens in three territories including Mexico on Mar 30 and Taiwan on Mar 31, and stands at $44.9m. Family title Charlotte's Web has reached $59.6m, and Dreamgirls has grossed $49.6m.

Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI) opens the romantic comedy Catch And Release in Mexico on Mar 30 and the dysfunctional family drama Running With Scissors in Australia on Mar 29.

Ghost Rider will cross $100m this weekend and currently stands at $96m, while The Pursuit Of Happyness has amassed $138.1m, and Columbia Pictures Producciones Mexico's comedy Ninas Mal has grossed $5.3m.