French sales house FilmsDistribution has announced four pick-ups coming into Cannes' market including anew feature from Train Of Life director Radu Mihaileanu and twoEmmanuelle Beart-starring films.

Live And Become is the long-awaited follow up to Milhaileanu'slauded Train Of Life. Films Distribution's Francois Yon told Screen thatthe company has taken world rights outside France where Les Films de Losangewill distribute. The film is a Euros 6m production currently shooting in Israeland is executive produced by Marie Masmonteil and Denis Carot of France'sElzevir Films.

Pre sales will begin inCannes. The company is already talking to the US, Canada, Switzerland andGermany, according to Yon.

Also on the slate isChristian Carion's Joyeux Noel, his follow up to Une Hirondelle AFait Le Printemps. A Euros 20m co-production from France's Nord-OuestProductions. Noel is based on the true story of one Christmas nightduring the First World War when enemies were able to lay aside theirdifferences and visit each others' trenches.

Starring in the film areGuillaume Canet, his wife - and Troy star - Diane Kruger and Good Bye,Lenin!'s Daniel Bruehl.

Marion Vernoux's BottomsUp is a comedy set in the French Alps which is currently inpost-production. Emmanuelle Beart stars in the Euros 4m production from ADRProductions. Rezo Films will distribute in France.

Another Emmanuelle Beartvehicle, Michel Deville's Euros 4m Un Fil A La Patte is produced byElefilm. Un Fil should be ready for Berlin.