The Toronto International Film Festival has finalised its programme for the 25th anniversary event, announcing a further six world premieres including UK heist film Sexy Beast, directed by Jonathan Glazer and starring Ben Kingsley and Ray Winstone, and Chinese Coffee directed by and starring Al Pacino.

The other world premieres are:

  • How To Kill Your Neighbor's Dog, a comedy written and directed by Michael Kalesniko and starring Kenneth Branagh, Robin Penn-Wright and Lynn Redgrave.
  • Australian filmmaker Rob Sitch's follow-up to The Castle, The Dish, featuring Sam Neill and Patrick Warburton.
  • Julien Temple's Pandemonium, which follows the career intersection of poets William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge, starring John Hannah, Linus Roache, Samantha Morton and Emily Woof.
  • Joel Schumacher's Vietnam-era drama, Tigerland, shot on high-definition digital video. The festival will project the film in video.
  • World premieres previously announced by the festival include:

    Almost Famous
    Dir: Cameron Crowe

    Dir: Sally Field

    Best In Show
    Dir: Christopher Guest

    The Contender
    Dir: Rob Lurie

    Dancing At The Blue Iguana
    Dir: Michael Radford

    Dir: Bruce Paltrow

    Dir: Joel Hershman

    Men Of Honour
    Dir: George Tillman Jr

    A Shot At Glory
    Dir: Michael Corrente

    Sous Le Sable
    Dir: Francois Ozon

    The Weight Of Water
    Dir: Kathryn Bigelow