Buena Vista International scored a sizable hit at the UK box office this week with its large screen format release of 1991's Beauty And The Beast.

Taking position 15 in the chart despite playing at just three sites (BFI Imax South Bank, Warner Village Cheshire Oaks, Filmworks Manchester) the animated title grossed $44,806 (£31,140) over the three-day weekend for a massive site average of $14,935.

Beauty And The Beast, which remains the only animated film to ever be nominated for the best picture Academy Award, took $15.8m (£10.98m) from its original UK release. The new large-screen format release, which contains newly animated scenes and a new song, has grossed $88,489 in the UK since its release on Jan 1.

The highest opener of the week was 20th Century Fox's Behind Enemy Lines. The Owen Wilson-Gene Hackman starrer launched at number three in the chart with $1.3m (£903,589), ahead of UIP's Mean Machine ($1.1m) and BVI's The Princess Diaries ($1.04m). Playing at 319 sites Behind Enemy Lines recorded a site average of $4,076. Opening less well was UIP's Robert Redford title The Last Castle with $232,895 (£161,862) from 158 sites for a weak average of just $1,474. The drama, which also stars The Sopranos' James Gandolfini, took eighth place.

Also opening impressively were Pathe's Mulholland Drive and Monsoon Wedding, co-handled by FilmFour International (English-language prints) and Eros International (Hindi) in positions 10 and 11 respectively. Joint winner of 2001's best director award at Cannes, David Lynch's latest scored $193,954 (£134,798) from just 27 sites for a resounding average of $7,183. Monsoon Wedding claimed $187,721 (£130,466) from 25 sites for an even stronger $7,509.

At the top of the chart the battle remained between Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone at two with $2.5m (£1.7m) and The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring in top position with $8.6m (£5.97m). In its third week Rings, which fell 24% from its previous weekend, beat Potter's equivalent weekend ($8.36m), but the three-week total gross of Peter Jackson's film ($50.3m) is still short of Potter's three-week total ($54.9m).