Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End made Spider-Man 3 walk the plank this weekend. BVI's third instalment of the franchise knocked Sony's web-slinger off the top spot as it raked in a whopping $216.3m from 102 territories in its first weekend, for a total of $251m to date.

Spider-Man 3 dropped 59% in its fourth weekend, still generating a sizable $21m over the three-day period. And Warner Bros' thriller Zodiac took $5.7m - down 38% - from 18 territories while Shrek The Third took $4.3m from four territories, a 70% slump.

New Indian films made a dent in the chart: drama Shootout At Lokhandwala entered at number six, grossing $1.5m from 17 territories, while rom-com Cheeni Kum entered at number nine, with $1.4m from 15 territories. And new Korean films Secret Sunshine and Evil Twin took a collective $2.4m in their home territory at the weekend.

Analysis: International box-office Weekend May 25-27
week)Film (origin)gross $ScrsCume $Terr
1NewPirates Of The Caribbean: At World's...(US)$216,361,00017,600$251,041,000102
2(1)Spider-Man 3 (US)$21,072,19310,365$500,997,23476
3(3)Zodiac (US)$5,766,8201,449$18,459,10318
4(2)Shrek The Third (US)$4,326,534642$22,908,6534
5(4)Fracture (US)$2,683,4541,009$20,666,53617
6NewShootout At Lokhandwala (Ind)$1,509,618454$1,509,61817
7(7)28 Weeks Later (US-UK)$1,483,351749$13,352,94312
8NewSecret Sunshine (S Kor)$1,465,832266$2,336,5971
9NewCheeni Kum (Ind)$1,437,849361$1,437,84915
10(6)Mr Bean's Holiday (UK-US-Fr)$1,387,0781,981$178,688,92138
11(5)Next (US)$1,308,527794$23,645,87520
12(8)Wild Hogs (US)$1,198,0001,067$77,138,00024
13NewEvil Twin (S Kor)$946,824202$1,616,5091
14(12)Premonition (US)$843,727585$18,298,9195
15(10)Stomp The Yard (US)$827,029327$9,812,4146
16(15)TMNT (US-HK)$776,854829$35,603,24719
17(20)The Lives Of Others (Ger)$714,386445$54,955,59914
18(16)Bridge To Terabithia (US)$702,249622$38,149,5839
19(18)For Those We Love (Jap)$682,656303$5,575,6131
20(9)Unstoppable Marriage (S Kor)$681,079238$7,634,2841
21(17)Gegege No Kitaro (Jap)$664,771302$17,369,6251
22(11)Shooter (US)$657,512694$42,601,68145
23NewLove Songs (Fr)$646,360225$646,3601
24(22)Bizan, The Mountain Of Mother's Love (Jap)$642,847291$5,809,8571
25*Curse Of The Golden Flower (Chi-HK)$632,292340$64,259,56512
26NewTrivial (Fr)$601,765209$601,7651
27NewThe Diving Bell And The Butterfly (Fr-US)$562,205235$562,2053
28(14)The Hills Have Eyes II (US)$530,664548$12,534,21913
29(13)Blades Of Glory (US)$474,686643$15,994,63617
30(21)The Reaping (US)$433,309688$35,703,94827
31(32)Breach (US)$421,482272$1,457,8995
32(38)Alter Ego (Gr)$411,945119$1,901,4951
33(23)The Number 23 (US)$407,355327$38,404,34921
34(31)La Vie En Rose (Fr)$402,981398$56,259,58113
*Re-entry. For the full chart, see ScreenDaily.com. (c) Screen International, compiled by Leonard Klady