With Pirates Of The Caribbean retaining the lead for a third consecutive weekend the new releases were left to fight it out further down the Belgian chart. Bruce Willis title Tears Of The Sun led the way taking second place and an impressive $8,135 average for Columbia TriStar.

Meanwhile true-life drama City By The Sea, starring Robert De Niro, Frances McDormand and James Franco bowed in tenth for Elysee with a powerful $7,240 average from its ten screens. The film placed seventh in the capital Brussels earning $20,110 (Euro 18,320) over its five-day launch.

Icelandic film Noi The Albino placed off the chart for Cineart, taking 26th place with $10,622 (Euro 9,677) from just four screens for a $2,656 average. The drama joined German film Nowhere In Africa as the only films in the top 30 to gross more in Brussels than the rest of Belgium. Noi took $7,262 in Brussels. Nowhere grossed $13,548 of its $23,849 weekend total in the capital.