A slew of new openers bombarded the Belgian box office this week but neither diverse US fare including Brother Bear, 21 Grams and Jeepers Creepers 2 nor big-budget French western actionner Blueberry could match the might of Belga's Podium.

Yann Moix's French comedy, which stars Benoit Poelvoorde and features Gerard Depardieu's daughter Julie, eased into the top spot with nearly double the second placed film's (Brother Bear) take off less half the screens. The film saw a stunning $23,259 average per screen.

While not in the same league as Podium, strong showings were also seen from Brother Bear and 21 Grams, the latter placing third in Brussels with $52,949 (Euros 41,401) over the weekend behind Podium ($233,572) and Brother Bear ($73,818).