The 33rdBelgrade International Film Festival FEST wrapped on March 5 with a screeningof Theo Angelopoulos' Trilogy 1: TheWeeping Meadow.

The festivalpresented 72 films and sold 76,000 tickets, the same figure as last year.However, this was considered an impressive achievement given that rampantpiracy has caused a major slump in cinema-going in Serbia and Montenegro.

The only film tosell out was the prime-time screening of Pedro Almodovar's Bad Education.

Other filmsscreening included Alex de la Iglesia's FerpectCrime, Volker Schloendorff's TheNinth Day, Oliver Hirschbiegel's Downfall,Walter Salles' Motorcycle Diaries,Abbas Kiarostami's Five (Dedicated ToOzu), Bill Condon's Kinsey, ZhangYimou's House Of Flying Daggers, MikeLeigh's Vera Drake, Wong KarWai's 2046, Joshua Marston's Maria Full Of Grace and TakashiShimizu's The Grudge.

As for guests,Catherine Deneuve opened the event with Andre Techine's Les Temps Qui Changent and Alex de la Iglesia said that he "wassurprised to find such a fan base for his films in Serbia and Montenegro".Ulrich Mattes, star of The Ninth Dayand Downfall was also present.