Producer-businessman Tarak Ben Ammar hasannounced plans to move most of his post-production facilities into Frenchfilmmaker Luc Besson's Cinema City complex just outside Paris.

In the past few years, Ben Ammar has beenon a buying spree of most of the post-production and sound facilities in Franceincluding LTC, Ex-Machina, Les Audis de Joinville and Duran Duboi.

Under the aegis of a partnership agreementwhich Ben Ammar's company Quinta signed with electronics giant Thomson - whichowns Technicolor - in November 2004, Quinta will rent 6000 square meters ofspace at Besson's Cinema City.

The Cinema City project is a 25,000 squaremeter complex which Besson is building to house shooting stages, workshops,production companies and post-facilities. The project represents a cost ofabout Euros 120m which has been raised from various investors. During a pressconference on Saturday, Besson said the complex would be ready in 2007.

Besson noted that he had first met BenAmmar when he was an assistant director on Le Grand Carnaval which Ben Ammar produced in 1983. Headded, "I am very proud of this association."

To implement the new labs at Cinema City,Ben Ammar said would represent about Euros 15-20m. All of the companies willcontinue to be owned by Quinta but will benefit from the technical support ofThomson via Technicolor.

Ben Ammar said,"French and international directors will have the possibility to work here likenever before."