Ben Chaplin will play the young Yehudi Menuhin in Owl Song, the story of Australian composer Peggy Glanville-Hicks which is being produced by MusicArt Dance Films in Australia.

Neve Campbell has been cast as Glanville-Hicks, Maria de Madeiros reprises the role of Nin that she played in Henry and June and JJ Field will play Glanville-Hicks’ husband Stanley Bate. Kevin Lucas co-wrote the script with John Wregg and will direct.

Glanville-Hicks trained under Nadia Boulanger and became a well-known figure in the mid-century beau monde alongside Menuhin, Anais Nin and Paul Bowles. She was tragically cut down in her prime.

The actors have committed to study composition, music and piano as well as rehearsing the script at the Royal College of Music in London where they have been given access to personal hand-written scores, letters and recordings by the real-life characters they are portraying.