Multiple Oscar nominee The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was the big winner at the international box office this weekend, grossing an estimated $31m from 5,126 screens in 47 markets.

Taking its international total so far to $72.5m, the Brad Pitt-Cate Blanchett drama opened at number one in Spain and the UK, reported distributor Warner Bros Pictures International (WBPI).

In Spain, it grossed $5m from 459 screens, more than doubling the take of its nearest rival. And in the UK it took $3.2m from 476 situations

Button opened in France with $5.1m (from 637,000 admissions) over five days on 566 screens and was the top earner in Paris.

It opened in second place in Japan (just behind local hit Twentieth Century Boys 2), taking $3.6m over 2 days from 426 screens.

In its second weekend in Germany, the film again dominated that market, dropping only 16% to gross $3.9m over four days from 639 screens, for a total to date in the territory of $10.5m.

Elsewhere, Button's grosses to date rose to $10.8m in Australia, $5.9m in Mexico and $5.3m in Brazil.

Last week's international leader Valkyrie, from MGM/UA through Fox International, took an estimated $11.2m (including $2.6m from non-Fox markets) from 4,267 screens in 37 territories.

The Tom Cruise thriller opened in five smaller markets and held well in territories including Spain and Germany. In the former, it grossed $1.8m from 400 screens in its second week, for a territory total of $5.4m. And in the latter it took $1.5m from 695 screens, for a total of $9.2m.

Bolt, from Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International, grossed an estimated $9.6m from 3,150 screens in 31 territories, for an international total so far (with markets including the UK and Japan still to open) of $111m.

The computer animated adventure opened at number two in France with $3.9m from 400 screens (10% up on Chicken Little, said the studio) and at number one in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. In Germany it was down only 15% in its third weekend, taking $1.4m from 500 screens, for a total of $6.4m.

Revolutionary Road, another award hopeful, grossed $6.3m from 2,699 locations across 47 territories this weekend, according to estimates from Paramount Pictures International (PPI). That pushed the film's international total to date to $37m.

The Kate Winslet drama held up well in its second weekend in Italy, dropping 33% to gross $1.1m from 125 locations, for a total so far in the market of $3.1m.

Fox International's Bride Wars made an estimated $6.1m from 2,539 screens in 43 markets, bringing its international total to $32.1m so far. Among the 15 territories in which the romantic comedy opened were Germany, where it was number two with $1.7m from 455 screens, and Brazil, where it made $506,455 from 159.

Seven Pounds, from Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI), took an estimated $5.4m from 2,600 screens in 43 markets over the weekend, for an international total of $79.4m.

The Korean opening of $725,000 from 187 screens was slightly up on the local opening for star Will Smith's Pursuit Of Happyness. The film's opening in Taiwan produced $225,000 from 70 screens and the debut in Hong Kong $220,000 from 18 (also up on Pursuit).

In its holdover markets, Seven Pounds added $965,000 from 312 screens in Spain (for a total to date of $11.9m); $680,000 from 291 screens in France (for a total of $8.7m, already ahead of Pursuit's lifetime total); $485,000 from 378 screens in Germany (total $10.4m); $430,000 from 286 screens in the UK (total $7.6m); and $185,000 from 182 screens in Mexico (total $3.9m).

WBPI's Yes Man grossed an estimated $5.2m (993,000 admissions) from nearly 2,900 screens in 55 markets, bringing its international gross to date to $107.3m.

In Mexico, the Jim Carrey comedy was down 38% in its second weekend with a gross of $836,000 from 650 screens, for a total so far in the market of $3.1m.

In Brazil, it dropped 22% in its second weekend with $666,000 from 151 screens, for a market total of $2m.

The film's gross to date reached $15.2m in the UK; $10.7m in Italy; $9.3m in Australia; $7.5m in Russia; $6.7m at the end of its run in Korea; $6.5m in Spain; and $4.8m in France.

SPRI's Underworld: Rise of the Lycans took an estimated $5.2m from 1,520 screens in 43 markets, for an international total to date of $16.6m.

The horror sequel opened in Russia with $1.3m from 273 screens; in Mexico with $760,000 from 251 screens (78% ahead of predecessor Underworld: Evolution); in India with $210,000 from 79 screens; in Ukraine with $150,000 from 45 screens; and in Argentina with $115,000 from 30 screens.

The film's third weekend in Australia produced a gross of $305,000 from 145 screens, for a local total to date of $2.7m.

Two films made their international debuts this weekend (day and date with their North American openings), but only in scattered markets.

3D stop-motion animated adventure Coraline, from director Henry Selick, started well with a number one debut in Mexico, according to distributor Universal Pictures International (UPI). The estimated gross of $1.3m from 402 dates included $400,000 from 60 3D screens, the biggest 3D opening ever in Mexico, said UPI. The film opens next weekend in Brazil.

SPRI's The Pink Panther 2 grossed $375,000 from 139 screens in three markets. The Steve Martin comedy sequel opened top in Malaysia with $230,000 from 43 screens and top in Central America with $115,000 from 68 screens.

Among other films continuing their international roll-outs, Disney's Beverly Hills Chihuahua took an estimated $3m from 990 screens in 11 markets, for an international total so far of $38m. The family adventure opened with $2.1m from 300 screens in Spain.

Disney's Bedtime Stories added an estimated $2.1m from 2,600 screens in 32 territories, for a total to date of $83.5m.

And the studio reported an estimated take of $2.5m from 600 screens in 21 markets for Miramax's awards contender Doubt, whose international total has reached $7.2m.

UPI's Mamma Mia! dropped only 35% from its record-breaking opening in Japan to gross an estimated $2.5m from 336 dates in the territory, for a local 10-day total of $11.3m. The musical's international total now stands at $440.5m.

Also from UPI, Changeling grossed an estimated $2.4m from 1,123 dates in 44 territories and raised its international total to $55m. The drama opened with $722,000 from 129 dates in Australia and held well in Korea, slipping 15% in its third weekend to $356,000 from 141 dates, for an ongoing total of $2.1m. It took $262,000 (off 36%) from 174 dates in Germany, for a total of $1.7m.

UPI's Role Models added an estimated $1.8m from 986 dates in 18 territories for an early international total of $17.8m. Opening in France the comedy took $210,000 from 107 dates.

The studio's Oscar-nominated Frost/Nixon grossed an estimated $1.2m from 700 dates in 22 territories, for an international total to date of $5.7m.

A limited opening in Spain produced $185,000 from 87 dates. The debut in Germany delivered $260,000 from 124 dates and the launch in Italy $410,000 from 126 dates.

Milk, another UPI-distributed Oscar contender, added $1m (including non-Universal grosses) from 525 dates in 15 territories, for an international total so far of $6.5m. Included was a second-weekend take of $185,000 - down only 22% - from 50 dates in Australia.

Universal's The Tale of Despereaux grossed an estimated $750,000 from 665 dates in 30 territories including $260,000 from a 64-date opening in the Netherlands. With its French debut coming on February 11, the film's international total now stands at $24.1m from 31 territories.

Fox's other releases included Australia, which took an estimated $2.1m from 2,008 screens in 21 markets, for an international total of $142.1m; Marley and Me, which added $741,098 from 778 screens in 14 territories, for a $20.6m total; Oscar bet Slumdog Millionaire, which earned $334,983 from 350 screens in India (the only international territory in which Fox is handling the film), for a local total of $4.9m; and The Day The Earth Stood Still, which grossed $185,090 from 282 screens in seven markets, for a $151m international total.

Fox also reported a sixth straight chart-topping weekend in Brazil for Se Eu Fosse Voce 2, which took $846,000 in the territory, for a local total so far of $16.9m. Fox said the film is now Brazil's top-grossing local film of all time, replacing Dos Filhos de Francisco.

PPI reported an estimated $2m from 1,102 locations across 13 territories for Hotel for Dogs, bringing the title's total to $9.6m. The film opened in Germany with $625,000 from 252 locations.

PPI's Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, meanwhile, grossed an estimated $1.7m from 3,226 locations, bringing its international total to $398.3m.

SPRI's Quantum of Solace took another $1.3m from 400 screens in 14 markets, bringing its international to $401.6m. Most of the weekend take came from Japan, where the James Bond outing was fourth in its third weekend on release, with the local total now at $15.9m.

The Spirit, also from SPRI, took an estimated $775,000 from 325 screens in 11 markets (for an international total of $10m), including $650,000 from a 202-screen opening in Germany.

WBPI's Gran Torino remained the top earner for a third weekend in Australia, taking an estimated $1m from 210 screens, down only 16%. The film's total for the market stands at $4.8m.