Sweden's most renowned filmmaker, 83 year-old veteran Ingmar Bergman, has written a TV-movie for national broadcaster SVT Fiktion entitled Anna, which is set to shoot in 2002.

The chamber-piece, which Bergman is to direct, will star regulars Liv Ullmann and Erland Josephson as well as Borje Ahlstedt and Julia Dufvenius as the four leads. Though it seems likely to be a follow-up to the classic Scenes From A Marriage, which was also made for SVT as a six-part series, as well as released theatrically, nothing is revealed about the story so far. The 30 year-old film, which also starred Ullmann and Josephson, delt with the troubles of marriage.

"We are thrilled about Ingmar Bergman's new script, and we look forward to continue our long-time collaboration with him," said Daniel Alfredson, head of drama-programming at SVT Fiktion. "We're looking at the possibilities of shooting sometime next year."

Bergman has a long-standing relationship with Swedish Television, and since he announced his retirement from filmmaking with the acclaimed Fanny And Alexander in 1986, he has written and directed TV movies: In The Presence Of A Clown (1997) and Bildmakana (2000)