While Dieter Kosslick and his fellow Berlin selectors have yet to finalise their various sections, there are a number of films by top art-house directors that look like hot contenders for a Cannes slot.

The following should be read as no more than a list of titles that are likely to be available to the Cannes selectors, based on directors' previous track records and the readiness of their latest oeuvre. Nevertheless, it contains a formidable array of previous Palme d'Or laureates and other film-makers who have already won major prizes at Cannes.

Some are still in post production - one or two are even still in production and may have to move to a later event like Venice or Toronto - but a couple are understood to have dared to turn down invitations from Berlin and definitively set their sights on the Croisette.

Cannes 2003 possibles

Intolerable Cruelty Dir: Joel Coen
Hungry Hearts Dir: Emir Kusturica
In The Cut Dir: Jane Campion
Dogville Dir: Lars Von Trier
Le Temps Des Loups Dir: Michael Haneke
Kill Bill Dir: Quentin Tarantino
2046 Dir: Wong Kar Wai
Swimming Pool Dir: Francois Ozon
Skaggerak Dir: Soren Kragh Jacobsen
La Petite Lili Dir: Claude Miller
Le Divorce Dir: James Ivory
29 Palms Dir: Bruno Dumont
Bon Voyage Dir: Jean-Paul Rappeneau
Les Triplettes De Belleville Dir: Damien Odoul
Les Invasions Barbares Dir: Denys Arcand
Le Garcon Aux Yeux Gris Dir: Andre Techine
Marie Et Julie Dir: Jacques Rivette
Renee Dir: Catherine Corsini
Monsieur Ibrahim Dir: Francois Dupeyron
Raja L'Africaine Dir: Jacques Doillon
The Dreamers Dir: Bernardo Bertolucci
Happy End Dir: Amos Kollek
Qui A Tue Bambi' Dir: Gilles Marchand
Un Homme, Un Vrai Dir: Larrieu bros
Saraband Dir: Ingmar Bergman

Possible special screenings
Matrix Reloaded
Sinbad - Legend Of The Seven Seas